Mounting Evidence Reveals Russian and Chinese Pre-Invasion Plans of the U.S.

I saw Steve Quayles story yesterday about 20,000 Russian commandos inside the states and opted not to post it then. The reason? I'm not fully buying it, not at all.  Nothing would surprise me really, but it seems to go against all of the efforts of our own government to subjugate America while not dismantling her completely. What I mean is, Obama in particular has gone a long way to set up America's downfall through amnesty, (end of any real chance of winning at the ballot box) destroying the nation from an economic collapse, the demise of the Bill of Rights, turning against Israel as any ally and towards Islamic nations, endless executive orders, creating hostility in the nation through race wars, DHS, the growing Police State, the IRS as a weapon, etc., etc.  Yes, China and Russia certainly are making their moves economically and militarily, but at the end of the day, these nations along with America and the United Nations are planning a new world order together, not apart from each other.  Nevertheless, I could be wrong and this may be another piece to the puzzle, and hence the story below. You decide.  -W.E


Steve Quayle forwarded me this disturbing piece of news as reported to him by one of his readers regarding the Russian and Chinese pre-invasion plans. This fits, hand in glove, with what I reported this morning with regard to the fact that foreign troops will be running the FEMA camps according to Army documents. The reason? The American military is not likely to go along with what is coming, hence the need to fire 260+ senior military officers.  Below is Steve Quayle’s alert.


Just something weird. I live in S Texas, avid user of GPS. Last couple of weeks the GPS has been haywire. Today I noticed a few local hotels listed on one of the main freeways in my city written in Chinese! I have never seen this before! In order to see the name of the hotel in English you have to tap to open a new window.
Considering what’s going on I thought it quite interesting, not to mention frightening! Still my trust is always in the Lord! I know I am protected.Kris


Not surprising since the system is being changed over to the Glonass satellite system for GPS
rather than the use of US GPS satellites. The US 911- system also being turned over to that, so very easy for
Russian or Chinese partner takeover and control. All being done in increments so final takeover will be easy.
The sheeple are not being told this. Jesus is Lord.

Jan 29, 2015
If you found this story useful, you will want to read about the planned foreign troop takeover of U.S. based FEMA Camps.

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