Main Stream Press Silent on Indefinite Detention’s Threat to Every American


One of the most under reported issues of 2014 has been Indefinite Detention.
So kudos to the Pontiac Tribune for featuring a story about PANDA, People Against The NDAA. 
The goal of the group is stop and raise awareness about the NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act.

“The NDAA was actually declared unconstitutional by Federal Judge Katherine Forrest in Hedges v Obama.  Judge Katherine Forrest was appointed by the Obama administration, by the way…  The very next day, the Obama administration requested an emergency stay and it was granted by another judge. As a result, the NDAA is still in full swing today. This is just another example of how the courts have failed us and it is up to us locally to stop this,” wrote the Pontiac Tribune.
PANDA has done an incredible job in 2014 to educate the public about the NDAA and activate activists nationwide.
Cook recently asked Jason Casella, Idaho PANDA leader, about his thoughts on how the main stream press covered the NDAA. 
Cook asked, “Do you think that the main stream press under reported issues pertaining to NDAA?”
“I can count the number of times I have heard about the NDAA on main stream news,” said Casella.
This spring Casella successfully lobbied his county to ban the NDAA. That victory has been used as a template for other activists to do the same throughout the U.S. Listen to the exclusive interview here. will continue to report on this issue which is being under reported in the main stream press.

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