CYBER ATTACK MONDAY — Massive Ongoing Cyber Attack on US, St. Louis


There is currently a MASSIVE CYBER ATTACK taking place on Cyber Monday.

Thousands of cyber attacks are being aimed at the St. Louis and Seattle area.
Most of attacks are coming from China.
The attacks were timed at 4:45 ET.

Here is the map–
Via the NORSE security website:

stl cyber attack
The map shows up to the second data base of live threat intelligence.
A majority of the attacks originated from China and targeted the United States.
cyber stl
Related… The FBI warned US businesses that hackers were launching malware attacks in the US today. CNBC reported:
The FBI warned U.S. businesses that hackers have used malicious software to launch destructive attacks in the United States, following a devastating cyberattack last week at Sony Pictures Entertainment.
The five-page, confidential “flash” warning issued to businesses late on Monday provided some technical details about the malicious software that was used in the attack, though it did not name the victim.
An FBI spokesman declined comment when asked if the software had been used against the California-based unit of Sony Corp.
An FBI official told NBC News that the advisory gives information security personnel details about the Sony attack, including several pages of computer coding. The advisory is not about a new malware attack.

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