Fmr CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Claims Gov't Bugged Personal & Work Computers

Do we still have "Freedom of the Press" when our government hacks the computers of journalists who cover a story with a narrative and perspective that doesn't match their own?  I think it is a fair question to ask if the Constitution is even still the law of this land in practice and not just in word? 
Some of you may recall that Attkisson resigned (to which I resoundingly applauded) from CBS in early March of this year citing "liberal bias" as the motive for her egress.  It has since come out that her reporting on Benghazi wasn't making the Soetoro/Jarrett regime all too pleased. So of course, the NSA or the CIA or some other alphabet agency did what every freedom loving nation does- they hacked and attacked an American citizen. 

Incidentally, it was in 2013 when Ms. Attkisson was still employed by CBS when she first discovered that she was being surveilled and sought legal representation at that time. -W.E.

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