Ebola In America - Is Government Hiding Info On Ebola? - Glenn Beck Weighs In

Can anyone say, "manufactured crisis"? At the risk of being redundant, this administration, to whom the CDC answers, is now flying people around the country who have Ebola, and trying to convince us this is perfectly fine.  
This is NOT a case of incompetence as the mainstream media is already suggesting because no one is this incompetent. I mean really. These are medical professionals. Supposedly very smart people.  Calling this incompetence is like saying that the reason our national debt is approaching $18 Trillion dollars is because Congress and the White House just like to spend a lot of money, or have a "spending addiction" (ever hear that one?)...No! They have an agenda and this too is about an agenda. Perhaps just the agenda of creating chaos to push through the rest of their NWO plans, but an agenda nevertheless. 

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