“Personnel Are In Place” Dr. Jim Garrow Warns “For The Next 9/11″


Dr. James David Manning interviews Dr. Jim Garrow in this newly released video to share more disturbing news via his CIA sources; with 1000′s of jihadis now flooding into America via our open southern border, Garrow tells us AT LEAST one terrorist recently released by Barack Obama has already found his way into America.

“The personnel are now in place” for the ‘next 9/11′ here in America Garrow warns. Garrow says he doesn’t know WHEN this ‘event’ might happen but trusts his sources with his life. He also reminds us that the urgency must be in place; we must remain prepared we are told. This 23 minute video is full of censored information for those who are interested in learning what you won’t get from the mainstream media.

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