Cloward and Piven on the Border



Hi! It’s me again… this time we’re going to look at this illegal child explosion happening on the border.  
Kids from Mexico and all over South America, are all of the sudden showing up at the Mexican/Arizona border in droves!!!! What do you think these people are telling the border patriol? “News stations are telling us that America won’t deport anybody ever — bring your children.” So, why all the propaganda from America? And why is it going all the way down to South America? If you bring the kids, we’ll give you free stuff and a better life — no papers or documentation needed. Let’s look at Cloward and Piven, pulling heart strings propaganda, pushing immigration “reform” and a Palestinian state of mind.
What better way to collapse our system than by adding an immigration crisis to an already bankrupt system, as well as government programs already on the edge of crumbling down. Adding millions of undocumented illegals to be put on Obamacare, welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, school lunches, student grants and unemployment. That’s not counting the thousands of violent criminals, rapists, child molesters, drug dealers, murderers and organized criminal gangs who will overwhelm the police, the border patrol, the courts, the prisons, ICE, the FBI and DHS. Once you have all of these illegals in the immigration system, which will be up and running in Texas and Arizona within 5 years or less, all of the current government money and services will be gone and replaced with the socialistic system of Cloward and Piven that we have been talking about since the 1960s: “to replace the current system with our system, we must overwhelm and collapse the current system by putting so many people on welfare and other government services, the money will run out and the system will be crushed and then, and only then, can we defeat capitalism and replace it with a kinder socialistic system,” — “PHASE ONE.”
With the fast influx of these children from as far away as Guatemala, coming over to America, we are finding out from interviews of these kids and parents that they are receiving news reports either from recorded USA news station’s reports or the stations are being hand fed from an American source: “Come to America, we won’t deport you or your children… bring them. We promise them a better life, free stuff and a bus ticket to Texas.” I don’t know about you, but that sounds a little coordinated and planned, don’t you think? Some of these FEMA immigration crisis centers were already put up years ago, from what a BLAZE reporter was telling Glenn Beck today and now these crisis centers are overflowing. The border agents are now being told to hand in their cell phones and any other devices that can record anything under the threat of being fired. So, what do we do? The political parties on both side are rubbing their hands together and foaming at the mouth, while at the same time they are telling us you can’t deport the children! That’s mean and racist… don’t leave them behind to go back to their country — “PHASE TWO.”
That’s what we hear from both sides of the aisle – REFORM! REFORM! But, what do they really mean by immigration reform? For the Progressives on both sides, it means a whole new voting block to exploit. For others, it will mean cheap labor for businesses countrywide and illegal immigration is slavery. Either for labor or for the sex trade… pure and simple. With that in mind, also note that the terrorists are watching this drama unfold and are ready to use it to their advantage as soon as they can. They have already been doing so for many years. Immigration reform is not about reforming anything. It is a ploy for men in power to keep their jobs, make more money, commit more crimes against us and to pleasure themselves — nothing more. Mark my words, when the camps overflow and the towns can’t handle the population (part of the plan), there will be increased crime, murder and street violence. This will happen because of the planned overflow and when that happens, what will happen next? No matter who’s in office, yes folks, MARTIAL LAW — “PHASE THREE.”
Let’s look at Israel to see what will be our future in, let’s say, 5 years time, if we don’t deal with the realities of this CLUSTERF$#%&K. By 2017, there will be millions of illegals here, as well as their families, in hundreds of camps all over Texas, Arizona and parts of California. All three states have declared bankruptcy; they have insolvent programs and they have overwhelmed systems. The politicians have all disappeared and these camps have imbedded terrorist groups in them and organized crime syndicates that are working hand in hand to kill and disrupt life in all local townships. The people they are sending home make rockets and fire them into nearby towns — those who don’t follow their every demand die violently. Groups like La Raza and others like them are staging street to street violent protests. They want America to recognize THE NEW MEXICAN STATE and they want all the land back they claim they lost years ago to America. They want all the gringos out of Texas and Arizona and they want half of California. If their demands are not met, they will kill, murder and terrorize until the government and the people comply. Does this sound familiar? This is what Israel has been going through for decades!!!!! This will be us in 5 years or less with this new reformation in hand.
Well, we know the people in power won’t do anything… so don’t look to them. They are part of the problem. Remember, “THE PEOPLE WHO CAUSED THE PROBLEM, WILL NEVER SOLVE THE PROBLEM.” – ALBERT EINSTEIN. What can we do? Well, with no help from either party or any local help, we have to rely on ourselves. Which means, I hate to say this… arming up and getting neighborhood security patrols started in these key states and beyond. Be prepared for the infrastructure to fail within 5 years or less. Realize that police, hospitals, schools and fire depts. will be cash strapped and/or shut down. Be wary of a rise in crime and violence. Watch out as your county jails and federal prisons will be overwhelmed and early releases, like the one this year, will be common place and the courts will have more cases then they can handle. Like I said before, this is the Cloward and Piven plan that’s being put into play right now and it’s on crack.

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