Fox News: Dr. Ben Carson Defends Birthers: Obama Release All Your Past Records

Maybe it's just me and I am reading too much into this, but if I were to make a guess (and I am) Doctor Carson sounds like he absolutely doubts both Obama's birth certificate and his origin of birth. For the sake of his political hopes he is not ready to jump totally on board and crash his run at a possible Presidential bid in 2016.   Meanwhile, Alan Colmes is baiting Carson to go on record and confess he doubts Obama was born in this country.  
Actually, for Colmes and his Progressive pals, it is a win-win.  Getting Carson to go on record and agree that Obama is in fact a legitimate President would only reinforce the biggest lie in American history. On the other hand, "outing" Carson as a "Birther" would give the left enough vicious fodder to bury him politically, and possibly professionally. -W.E. 


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