Barry Soetoro and Company: Still Working Hard to Shut Down Free Elections

I am a Catherine Engelbrecht fan. 
She is the President of True the Vote, (
What True the Vote stands for is fighting Voter Fraud, which is no small problem in America.  
Engelbrecht is being attacked by the government of the United States for standing against voter fraud, plain and simple.(see video below)
Your government is sending alphabet agency after alphabet agency after Engelbrecht, the President of this electoral watchdog group, in order to intimidate her into silence, or perhaps find a reason to arrest her. The IRS, FBI (domestic terrorism unit!), ATF and OSHA to be exact have nothing better to do than to harass her...for years on end.  And it doesn't stop with those four agencies either but also includes the White House, and the Democratic National Committee.
Does this not beg the question, why are they so bothered by a citizens group that wants to ensure fair elections?
Answer:  Because they don't want fair elections.
Community organizers like Barry Soetoro made a living in Chicago, "getting out the vote" with ACORN...Barry was ACORN's attorney then, and he still plays by Chicago rules now.
Remember, candidate Obama promised ACORN that they would "shape the national agenda" under an Obama Presidency:

I have posted story after story about the voter fraud that occurred during the last Presidential election. It's ridiculously obvious. When votes are tampered with, and they are, we can no longer call ourselves a free nation.
Perhaps the question we need to be asking is why the DEMOCRATS...are so staunchly against Voter ID laws? I won't explain it, because it isn't hard to figure out.

I am not one to argue partisan politics because there is corruption on both sides. But I also have to be honest, the Democratic Party is by far....very far, the most corrupt. Not just taking bribes corrupt, but corrupt to the point of being traitors to this nation.
The Democratic Party has been almost completely hijacked by the Progressives, and American needs to figure this out fast, before they steal another election.

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