Bolton: ‘Our Biggest National-Security Problem Is Barack Obama’


It is HIS NSA spying on honest Americans
It is HIS IRS that is targeting conservative and Christian Americans
It is HIS Homeland Security that is becoming a National Police Force
It is HIS Benghazi mess that left 4 Americans to die including an American Ambassador
It is HIS Leadership that is decimating our military

It is HIS regime that employs radical and treacherous Muslim Brotherhood operatives
It is HIS CIA and HIS policies that are overthrowing governments around the world
It is HIS pen that has signed on to an additional $6 trillion in new debt
It is HIS mouth that stands before America and tells lie after lie, day after day

.....and the list of his traitorous acts drone on.


With the Obama administration grappling with a crisis in Ukraine, former United Nations ambassador John Bolton took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday and declared that the country’s “biggest national-security problem is Barack Obama.” 
Bolton honed in on the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, which he described as paradigm of President Obama’s foreign-policy failures because the president “has done nothing to avenge Chris Stevens’s death.” 
“That is a terrible lesson for our adversaries,” Bolton said. “Under Barack Obama you can murder his personal representative and get away scot-free.” 
He also warned that the matter will come back to haunt Hillary Clinton if, as most suspect, she launches a presidential bid in 2016. “We will be happy to tell Hillary Clinton in unmistakable terms, ‘We know what difference it makes, even if you don’t,’” he said.
Bolton, who has established a political-action committee to support hawkish House and Senate candidates, bristled at the reluctance of Republican politicians in recent years to back foreign interventions and characterized the shift as a “resurgence of isolationism.”
“Ignoring our national security is the Obama doctrine,” he told the crowd. 

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