23 Obama Lies That Cannot Be Disputed, Complete With Video Documentation (Watch)

Many Americans are finally realizing that they have been duped, Obama and his administration have consistently lied to the American people since he took office and even before he took office. Yet there are some people to turn a blind eye to Obama’s lies and deceptions. 

Well here is a list of 23 Obama lies that they cannot dispute. How much longer will the American people tolerate this administrations lies, and usurpation of American’s constitutional rights?  How much more evidence do we need to oust this imposter?  

Below you will find a list of 23 bold face lies that Obama and his administration have consistently told the American people. The next time someone asks you what lies are those, you can show them this list and the videos I have included in this post, how can they argue with these facts? 

Watch a video clip of all 23 of these lies at B4IN.

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