NSA Intercepts Laptops Purchased Online To Install Spyware On Journalists, Congressmen, Judges, Etc.

ATTENTION COMRADES: The NSA (National Spy Agency), ensuring domestic tranquility no doubt, have been busy intercepting laptops and cell phones that maybeYOU bought online, and adding software and hardware to YOUR products before they are shipped so they can be sure you aren't a terrorist....as they listen in, record and add to your file in their illegal database.   You think Apple, you think Amazon, you think American (global) conglomerates are neutral, or even democratic?  No, they are not only towing the party line, they are facilitating and profiting off of the freedoms We The People are losing daily. Just sayin'. 
I also imagine, when they put their spyware into the laptops and cell phones that are being shipped to their political opponents and to Judges around the country, this would put them at a distinct advantage to every election ever held, every court case they are embattled in. Every opportunity to blackmail.    
These communists are experts at this.   -W.E.

Mark Dice

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