China Has Capability To Attack U.S. Satellites

The Washington Free Beacon’s Bill Gertz joined The Blaze TV’s “Real News” Friday to discuss China’s capability to attack American satellites and thus inflict great strategic and monetary damage to the United States.
“Gen. Shelton issued somewhat of an alarming call, saying that China has the capability to attack these satellites,” Gertz said. While the U.S. is taking a defensive posture involving smaller satellites that are “more survivable”, Gerz said that “still doesn’t deal with China’s A-Sat capability, or anti-satellite capability. They have missiles that can shoot these guys down.”
When asked about the Obama administration’s response to China’s new capabilities, Gertz responded the White House is “dead set against having offensive anti-satellite weapons.”
“We have that capability,” Gertz continued, “but the administration is opposed to that and, as a result, the administration is playing defense while the Chinese are playing offense.

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