Connect the dots...
1.  An illegal President that has often disregarded our Constitution and our laws.
2.  A Congress that either supports the illegal President's unconstitutional measures (Democrats) or refuses to hold the Executive Branch accountable (Republicans) no matter how severe are the threats to America and the rule of law. Remember, Congress passed the NDAA.
3. An ever expanding government that has armed themselves with 2 billion hollow point bullets,  over 2000 battle ready MRAPS, Spy Drones, etc. 
4. A media, that on a good day will slap Obama's wrist, but the norm is to support his policies by under reporting them, allowing enemies of the constitution (Progressives) to speak lies on national tv and news magazines, or they themselves blatantly lie and ridicule the opposition. 
5. A nation where virtually the entire population is spied upon via the latest in technology facilitated by mega corporations such as Google and Microsoft and Apple and brought to you by the NSA and the CIA.  Meanwhile, good citizens that are pro-life, returning veterans, Christians are singled out as a "threat".
6. Communists, Marxists and Muslim Brotherhood are active throughout this government and media.
7. This government (and past) is breaking the back of the middle class by shipping jobs out of the nation, testing us by shutting down national monuments and memorials, passing laws that will further overwhelm our sinking economy (Obamacare) and printing money out of thin air (QE3) to the tune of $40 billion per month, destroying the dollar. The result of this will cause more and more of American's to become dependent on the government.
8 Actively pushing, through the use of false flags and the United Nations, Hitleresque gun control measures that have the potential of destroying the Second Amendment.
9. Local police forces around the nation that have received massive amounts of money via the failed "stimulus package" and military equipment 'donated' by the Pentagon, turning many local police forces as military units armed to the teeth. 
10. Political correctness is enforced that shuts down dissenters, just ask the Duck Dynasty star. When political correctness prevails, our right to free speech is greatly lessened. 

Jason A

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