Retired General's Sobering Message: Americans Must Confront Obama's Tyranny


"Our government is so broken now, that each day we go down over the cliff even more and more.  The lack of strong leadership not only in the Executive branch, but a lack of really strong leadership in Congress, both in the Democrats and the Republicans.  I am not even sure that our traditional process is going to straighten our government in sufficient time to save us. That leaves us to what options we have.  If you look under the constitution we have impeachment.  Now we know with the partisan politics that isn't going to happen. So we have Obama for another three years."

"So what do we do as people? Do we let it go on and go through the regular election process and hope it will get better?  'Hope is not a strategy by the way'".

"We need millions to stand up in our State Capitols and in Washington D.C. and we need to have that done within the next twelve months". 

"And I would say if we can make citizen arrests, and I challenge our government and people that if we have people that are conducting treason against the United States and the best interest of our country, violating the constitution, violating our laws, just as they are doing with these excessive executive orders coming out of the White House, where you have a President and his team that doesn't care about the constitution, they will do anything they can to win.
They will do anything, they will go for the throat and that is what we have to do because we are in battle to save the United States" 

- Retired General Paul E. Vallely

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