Communist Chinese Troops on U.S. Soil for “Exchange” Mission


Following a recent uproar surrounding the Obama administration’s hosting of Russian airborne terror troops for joint drills with U.S. military forces in Colorado, outrage is growing about the latest scandal involving foreign forces on American soil.  
This week, reportedly for the first time ever, soldiers for the mass-murdering Communist Party regime ruling mainland China have been working on “disaster management” with American troops on U.S. soil — supposedly for “humanitarian” purposes. Western analysts and commentators expressed alarm over the developments, but the ruthless dictatorship in Beijing touted the scheme widely across its propaganda organs.  

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which recently announced broad cooperation with Russian authorities, is also involved in the joint drills between American and Chinese forces. According to officials and news reports, the exercises, currently underway in Hawaii, began on November 12 and will run for two days. Among other elements, the communist regime’s “Ministry of Defense” was cited in Beijing propaganda outlets as saying that the major subjects would include “weapon demonstration, technique exchange, and cooperative action.”

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Pool, a spokesman for the Pentagon, denied to The New American that any weapons were involved. Instead, he said the U.S.-China exchange dealt exclusively with humanitarian-oriented endeavors such as learning to set up refugee camps, rescue survivors, and similar operations. According to a statement sent by e-mail, the scenario involved U.S. and Chinese forces providing “disaster response assistance” to a fictional third country. The latest scheme also marks a significant expansion over previous annual exchanges, which have occurred since 1998 but have not included field exercises on U.S. soil.    

“This exchange is a meaningful area of cooperation that is part of an already healthy program of military-to-military engagement between the United States and China,” Lt. Col. Pool said in the statement. “This exchange between the U.S. and [People’s Republic of China] PRC militaries builds cooperative capacity that enhances our ability to respond collectively to disasters.” It will also promote “greater understanding of our respective military institutions in ways that dispel misconceptions” while advancing “common approaches to global challenges by building productive working relationships,” he added.

U.S. Admiral Samuel Locklear, commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, was quoted as telling reporters last week that the bilateral scheme would help “foster trust” between the two militaries. “These types of exercises give us a good place to start and to kind of get into the rhythm of understanding and trusting each other,” he explained in widely quoted comments. “I think it'll be a great exercise.” Why the Obama administration would want American forces to trust troops in the service of one of the most brutal regimes in world history was not immediately clear. 

About 50 Americans were involved in the joint scheme, according to officials and news reports. Among the participants: troops and civilians with U.S. Army Pacific, the Hawaii National Guard, the Army Corps of Engineers, and FEMA. The communist regime was reportedly expected to send some 60 soldiers and “observers.” Officials on both sides acknowledged that the deeply controversial military exercises in the Hawaiian Islands represent the first time in history that the Chinese autocracy’s forces have been sent to U.S. territory for such an exchange.

However, it is not the first time the two militaries have trained together, and cooperation between the U.S. armed services and the ruthless dictatorship’s “People’s Liberation Army” is set to expand further next year. According to multiple reports, 2014 will mark the first time that the communist regime — responsible for murdering more innocents than any other entity in human history — will have its military and war ships participating in the “RIMPAC war games” off the U.S. coast. The “multinational” scheme, the largest of its kind in the world, involves militaries serving governments across the Pacific Rim, including Russia.     

It is also not the first time in recent memory that leadership of the U.S. and Chinese militaries have been publicly warming up to each other. Earlier this year, Maj. Gen. Zhu Chenghu led a high-level military delegation to Washington, D.C., as part of a “military exchange program.” The controversial communist military chief became infamous in 2005, when he openly discussed raining nuclear missiles on the United States to destroy “hundreds of cities” if the U.S. government stood by its defense pact with Taiwan. The communist dictatorship in Beijing, of course, still hopes to enslave the free people of the island at some point.

U.S. officials mostly tried to downplay the significance of the scheme as well as potential national-security concerns. Critics, though, were deeply suspicious. Of course, the Chinese regime is notorious for, among other controversial activities, its gargantuan espionage apparatus aimed at America, Western companies, dissidents, and more. Still, U.S. Army Pacific civil military operations chief Col. Bill Florig noted last month that the ongoing event is the largest between Americans and Chinese forces — and that the expansion of the exchange is important.

“What we are trying to emphasize in this exchange is our inherent flexibility,” Col. Florig was quoted as saying, noting that U.S. Army Pacific seeks a “multinational approach” to all its missions. “They (China) are looking to see that flexibility that we have demonstrated so often in the past in disaster response. What’s important about doing this with the Chinese is it ... is a confident first step to moving forward to working with them in the future in situations like this.” Another U.S. officer, Col. John Lee, strategy and plans officer for security cooperation and policy at U.S. Army Pacific, added: “We’re always seeking to work more closely with them.”

Beijing, meanwhile, hyped the potential benefits of the exchange in various Communist Party propaganda organs. “During the joint drill held in the U.S., the Chinese side needs to get familiar with combat situations in different environments worldwide, and meanwhile be acquainted with foreign militaries, especially the trend in world military power represented by the U.S.,” analyst Hong Yuan at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) Institute of American Studies was quoted as saying in People’s Daily. He also noted that the “U.S. cannot figure out China's military development, and thus needs to know the trend and real combat effectiveness of the Chinese military through the joint drill,” the paper reported. U.S. officials, by contrast, said there would be no combat exercises or weapons.

While the communist regime gave the impression that the U.S. government had extended the invitation, American officials suggested it was actually the communist regime’s idea. Both sides, however, seemed pleased about the increasing cooperation; with the tightly controlled Chinese regime’s propaganda organs and American officials all celebrating the training and growing bonds. After finishing up in Hawaii, “senior officers” with the Chinese regime’s delegation will travel to Washington, D.C., and New York.

Even as preparations for the controversial exchange were underway, the dictatorship in Beijing was openly and loudly calling for a “de-Americanized” so-called New World Order and the establishment of a global currency to dethrone the U.S. dollar. Before that, the autocracy released a report decrying the constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms as a supposed “human rights” violation. The ruthless regime, of course, has one of the most atrocious human rights records on Earth, having slaughtered many tens of millions — not even including the unborn killed via forced abortions. It also tortures dissidents, persecutes Christians and others, operates among the most Orwellian censorship regimes on the planet, and much more.

Meanwhile, in the United States, supposed “companies” owned and operated by the regime have been buying up gargantuan quantities of American assets: everything from banks and cinema chains to industrial companies, government bonds, and energy supplies are being gobbled up. More than a few analysts have suggested that the communist regime’s intentions are less than pure — especially considering its rhetoric and gross oppression of well over a billion people. Its alliances with barbaric despots around the world are troubling as well, analysts say.

Indeed, other than the PRC ally brutalizing and enslaving the people of North Korea, it is hard to imagine a less-worthy regime for U.S. forces to have military “exchanges” with. Despite the rising concerns, though, the Obama administration and the United Nations have been ramping up cooperation with ruthless autocracies at a record pace in recent years. Just this week, the communist regime was elected to the UN “Human Rights” Council while one of the PRC’s functionaries took over UNESCO. Without an outcry from the American people, the trends will almost certainly continue to accelerate.     

Photo of soldiers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army

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