Chem Trails! Look UP! What are They Spraying?

Chem Trail #1Chem Trail #2Chen Trail #3Chen Trail #4


These photos were taken yesterday about 3 miles from where I live, in the Santa Monica Mountains.  
I was watching jets spraying these very pronounced chem-trails and so took several shots with my I-phone.  ”They” were spraying all through the morning into the early afternoon, creating a web of Chem-trails in the skies above the Los Angeles area.  What was interesting is I could see other jets on their approach to LAX and they were leaving contrails, which evaporated in a few minutes, whereas these CHEM-TRAILS lingered in the air for hours.
What are they spraying up there and why?  Who is doing this and what right do they have to spray what many believe are toxic chemicals into the air we breathe?  Where is the public outrage?
Something is being sprayed in the skies all over the world.  Someone is giving the orders and paying the pilots to do this.  What haven’t the pilots spoken up?  Are they that spineless?  Don’t they realize it’s their future too we’re talking about?  Yet, these continue week after week.  Today it was over the top as there was a vast web of these chemicals directly overhead, with more being added as these photographs were being taken. (Look at the first photo on the left and you can see the Jet laying down the chem-trail.
About a year ago I was playing golf with my buddies and the sky looked the same then as it did today.  I mentioned it and both men scoffed at the notion.  I pointed at the sky and asked, do you really think this is normal?  By chance an airline jet was in the sky and they could see the difference as the jet was leaving a contrail which dissipated in the air rather quickly whereas the chem-trails not only lingered but grew larger with the passing of time.  (See the last picture above)
In closing todays post.  The nay-sayers assure us there is no such thing as chem-trails and this is more conspiracy related paranoia.  However, I would point out there are people who have investigated this and reported on it.  (See links below)  We can choose to live in ignorance or at least take the time to investigate and educate ourselves, as our future may depend on it.

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