The Police State “Fusion”

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Hello everyone! How are you? Yes, I am talking about the police state again. 
I will talk about south Carolina, these Fusion Centers and the DHS absorption of local PD and sheriff’s departments. I have seen a future news special on making better cops. I have watched the clips and these new cops are basically getting ‘military boot camp’ training and not getting any ‘people’ training or constitutional classes. We will talk about welfare from warfare programs concerning the DOD dispensing military vehicles to local law enforcement in small towns.
I saw a promotion for a special report from a Spokane, WA news station, entitled: MAKING A BETTER COP and this shows young recruits getting nothing but militarized training. I saw no training on how to deal with different types of people, any constitutional studies or being community minded. Instead, it highlighted being a “solider cop” and that’s not the original intent of the average policeman.
Pat Grey, on the Glenn Beck show one day, talked about the Boise, ID police department and how they received one of those armored APCs in their small town! What the hell do small town cops need a tank for in farm country? We go back to South Carolina — not about their FEMA CAMPS, or those evil homeless people this time — but how they got an APC as well. However, this time it’s in U.N. BLUE! What the hell are they thinking? That no one would notice a light blue APC tank? Really?
Well, DHS feels it doesn’t have enough people to handle us pesky American people who are armed and free. So they have these Fusion Centers, which in the long run will absorb any and all local police and sheriff’s departments. They will become a part of a larger picture to create a larger nationalized police force. So, I ask any law enforcement officer out there… will you just follow blindly and do what you are told, or will you turn in your badge and be the Oath Keeper you were meant to be and be the protector of the people that you really are? To the American people… if you think this won’t happen, think about it again. If one town gets a U.N. BLUE tank, what do you think is next for the DHS? Getting more and more help from the U.N. is on the itinerary and there are rampant rumors out there that people are running into Russian speaking men or troops around some towns.
Besides the DOD giving out tanks like candy around the country, they are also providing training on riot control and prison camp management. More than likely, interrogation and torture are included as well. I wouldn’t put it past them. It seems the government and the newly purged DOD is more worried about Americans and not the millions of illegals and Islamic radicals in this country that present the real threat to us. Make no mistake… you holding up in your house will not slow them down for one reason only — THEY HAVE DRONES (look up) and with parts of the military being gutted or re-imagined, where do you think some of those men and equipment will go or be put to use for?

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