Surveilance Society: Your Smart-TV IS Spying on You

My son spoke to an Army Sergeant Major today that is involved with the drone program here in Florida where I live and helps to navigate the once friendly skies. He told my son that they can lock in on a person through infrared technology and the drone will follow that person for as long as they tell the predator drone to do just that. He mentioned to the officer that his father has seen drones here locally and the officer acknowledged that it does happen even though they are supposed to fly high enough that citizens don't see them because he said, "people don't do like it".  He also let my son know they can see who you are calling on your cell phone from 10,000 ft.  So am I surprised that are televisions are tracking us as well? No, most of us now know, since the NSA/Snowden scandal that we are watched in a myriad of ways, and every day, 24/7. 
Am I particularly worried that corporations are doing heavy spying in order to feed us customized advertisements? No. I am worried about the technology in the wrong hands, and Obama, the NSA, the DHS, along with some high-tech global conglomerates are exactly the wrong hands.  -W.E.


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