Chinese Troops Land In America- Google Barges Stationed As COMMAND Centers

Dismiss this (video below) information at your own peril.
The hour is late and we are too late and up to our necks in IT.
The wolves are already in the hen house. 
The NWO isn't a pipe dream, nor is it something that is "on the way".  We are living in it.  It is a current reality. Have you noticed yet?
The pipe dream is the matrix that we are living in that keeps us thinking that all is okay as long as we can watch Oprah tomorrow, and tonight Bill O'Reilly who says that everything is going to be fine the good guys, at the end of the day are still in charge.  No worries,  Dancing with the Stars returns for another season soon.  Stay tuned but beware the normalcy bias because it can be deadly.
I don't want to overstate anything, but we are already living in a giant prison, constantly spied on (apparently that is legal now) by people they tell us we supposedly elected (by electronic ballot in many cases).
Our government leaders ceased being Public Servants decades ago.  They don't have your best interest at heart so please stop believing their lies. A few may, but not the leadership and they control it all. They don't think like us. They are largely pompous, getting filthy rich in office and opting out of the laws they have created for the rest of us when it suits them. They lie and "flip flop" whenever it is convenient for them, while the camera's are rolling and just before they go off to another fund raiser or golf outing. We have been conditioned to think that's just what politicians do.
The top ranks of our military are being purged, and a few of them are talking about it, though sadly, most are not.
We have foreign troops training with our troops with regularity now, inside of the United States.  Speaking of the military, if you are heterosexual and a Christian, you are now on the outside looking in, better watch yourself.
Our "government" is toying with us.  Moving us from one financial "cliff" to the next, making those of us paying attention wonder when the next crisis will hit that will shut down the economy, or the power grid via a cyber attack as Napolitano promised. or both and thrust us into Martial law. The FEMA camps are ready for the dissenters.
We already have a domestic Army in the United States, it is called DHS and they have armed themselves to the teeth including hollow point bullets in the hundreds of millions and MRAPS.
They aren't that secretive, they have also told us who the enemy is; returning vets, those in a militia, those who are pro life and believe in bible prophecy, DHS says those folks are very dangerous! Maybe they consider that a fair warning. Of course, the failed to mention RADICAL ISLAM as a threat...and won't even use that term.
Our government schools, infected by Progressives like most other power centers in the United States, teach lies and propaganda as they dumb down our youth and now they want them in school even earlier to brainwash as many as possible as soon as possible. They've changed our history, they've tried to change our God.
Yes, the future of the NWO will get even darker.
Scientists are creating super soldiers and machines that will soon surpass the ability of the human brain and no one thinks this is alarming when the computers start to tell us what to do.  They are also cloning embryo's, they are tampering with not only plant and animal DNA, but the entirety of the human genome.  They are so smart these men that deny that God exists, what could possibly go wrong?  They think the idea of having a chip in your hand is a great and novel idea that will allow us all kinds of "superpowers", the technology is here and currently being activated.  What they don't care to know is that idea was discussed 2000 years ago in sacred writings, and it is about as evil an idea as anyone can imagine.
Abortions on the planet are now into the billions and climbing, this form of human sacrifice and population control hardly makes us wince anymore as a society.
If you think marriage is between one man and one woman, you are now a racist and a dinosaur, soon to be replaced, probably by a cyborg, super soldier or maybe just a "gender enhanced" individual.
American borders are a farce, but they have to keep up the act don't you know?  Terrorists and illegals pour in every day, and set up camp in this country and you and I are their meal least until we are their main course.
Yes, we recognize that America has drifted, that America is being transformed, to be sure this is a process by design.  What so many have failed to recognize is that we are living in the NWO right now.  The frightening part is that it is still in its infancy.
End rant.

Jason A

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