Barack Hussein Obama,The Ultimate Mobster (VIDEO)

How’d you like to own a company that charges its clients $10,000 per hour for “financial advice”?  
Kind of sounds like the Mafia offering “protection,” doesn’t it? You know what they say:“If it walks like a duck…”
The 2400 page “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” is written in such mumbo jumbo that banks need a “financial expert” to help them navigate it. Enter Promontory Financial Group. How does Promontory Financial Group know so much about the Dodd-Frank Act? They wrote it—giving themselves carte blanche to extort a staggering $2 billion by offering banks “financial advice”—financial advice,according to the banks,that didn’t do them a bit of good. Obama’s crony and mega-donor Eugene Ludwig,the CEO of Promontory,pulls in a staggering $30,000,000 per year in salary. Talk about “fat cats,” as Obama likes to call them. It’s in effect a Mafia “protection” racket,perfected by Al Capone himself. 
But it doesn’t end there. Eric Holder’s old law firm—the law firm who supplied literally every single slot of the upper echelon in the Department of Justice (or should we say Department of  Injustice)—is also in on the scam,protecting Promontory Financial Group’s staffers from using insider knowledge. You see,a staggering two-thirds of Promontory Financial Group’s 170 executives are former U.S. government finance chiefs—the FDIC,SEC,and of course the Federal Reserve;and they use their insider knowledge to extort billions from anything and everything—not just banks.
If you take a look at how Al Capone in the 1930s took over the banks,businesses,and the levers of power in government,you’d have a complete picture of what Barack Hussein Obama is doing from the Oval Office.
Barack Obama is truly a modern day Mob Boss.

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