[Watch] Will Our Military Fire On American Citizens? – The Litmus Test Question Now Being Asked


Like him or not, Alex Jones has been on the cutting edge of some of the biggest stories to hit alternative media and revealed some of the biggest secrets regarding our government’s operations and hidden agenda. He shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand just because of the content of the information. 
The revelations here are all verifiable. So we need to watch and investigate on our own, as Jones recommends, in order to see with our own eyes that this is really possible.
The litmus test is making its way down the ranks asking our troops if they would be willing to fire upon American citizens. The reports are coming from a variety of sources, including retired Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith. Smith details the ongoing program from his sources.
Other callers in to the radio show detail their own personal experiences with DHS and the threat against our country.
The evidence is all around us and if this is true, it is a very dangerous development that needs serious attention.

Whether or not you believe this is actually happening, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to investigate and ask yourself if it could be true. We know for a fact that the DHS has ordered enough hollow point rounds to shoot every American at least five times.
It is our duty as Americans to be vigilant and to safeguard our republic. By doing so we will be protecting ourselves as well.

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