'Men in Black" Parachute Down Near World Trade Center @ 3 a.m. — Then Vanish

NYDailyNews  H/T Nena S.

Police say the men in black were spotted near the intersection of West and Vescey Sts. Whether they were pranksters or something more sinister has yet to be determined. 
Police were looking for two mystery men who parachuted down near the World Trade Center building early Monday - and then vanished.
The black-clad men, both of whom were wearing helmets, were caught on security cameras landing at 3:07 a.m. between the Goldman Sachs building and the Conrad Hotel, at the intersection of West and Vesey Streets, police said.
"They were seen walking with parachutes away from the location," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.
Kelly said they are not sure whether the men leaped from a building or a plane - and they are trying to determine if they posed a kind of threat or whether they were pulling some kind of prank.
"No banners, notes were left," said Kelly. "They walked away from the camera. We don't know how they left."

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