How Many MSNBC, Rachel Maddow Lies Can You Count About Veterans’ March? (VIDEO)


Rachel Maddow, Castro (yup) Valley HS, 1990, before being captured by globalist/Marxofascist operatives planted inside the CIA and forced to watch endless hours of Gomer Pyle, USMC (well we hope it was nothing more disturbing)

Who wishes to count them and let us know?
We replay the video, you report! God decides.
Thank you… no, thank you.
Video, 10/16, “MSNBC Caught Framing Vets With Edited Video

By the way, about the Confederate Flag, there are many true patriots, even some of them of African descent, who regard that flag as a symbol of American freedom, as well as “pride of place.” I don’t, but they do. And, nearly every patriot rally of this size (or smaller) contains false-flag, Marxoid moles, using signs, banners, shouts, interviews, etc., to attempt to discredit those out to preserve authentic America.
We know who is trying to hide their true motives, of creating strife and especially preying upon blacks to be their own, perpetually imposed upon underclass, dependent upon paternalist rationing by operant conditioning, and those who survive the abortionists’ knives handled as pawns on the vanguard at the Progressive Plantation.
We know who, while smearing those who come out in the light of righteousness, project their own racism, as they ply their perverse, fifth-generational-warfare, to destroy America and replace it as Plantation Lord despots, with collectivism.

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