It is clever! I like to think of myself as someone who is generally aware of propaganda as it comes at me...but not this time!  I had seen it a couple of times, and somewhat enjoyed it.  It wasn't until I read this article and watch the video again with "new eyes" that I realized the deception, and the intent to condition all of us to the new paradigm that is the NWO. 

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I was sitting in a movie theater a short time ago, waiting to see The Great Gatsby, when I saw the strangest commercial I have ever seen.  
It starts with the statement “On security cameras around the world…  We found…”.  The commercial then proceeds to show clips of people dancing, hugging, and kissing while displaying oxymoron’s such as “harmless soldiers”, “honest pickpockets”, and “attacks of friendship “.   There was no product brand name displayed until the end of the commercial.
Through out the commercial I couldn’t help but ask myself if this was the most blatant Big Brother propaganda piece ever created.  It’s as if they are telling us that it is good that we are being watched 24/7, and that we should embrace the idea of having cameras watch our every move.
It was not until the end of the commercial that the sponsor of the spot was revealed.  It was none other than Coke.  If there is any company that knows how to get a message across in less than 2 minutes it’s Coke.  From what I saw Coke was not even hinted at during the commercial.

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