Emergency Nuclear Weapons Transfer To South Carolina (False Flag)

There is a good quote in the very beginning of this video (below) that says that there are two types of people in this world, the "informed and the uninformed".  Can't argue with that.  Of course there is also disinformation agents and purposed deception and propaganda aimed at both the informed and uninformed as a means of control of both. 

Nine months into the undocumented usurpers second term, we are still at war and now looking to increase the ante by opening up a war in the Middle East, the ramifications of which are quite certain.  More death, more instability, and what many are calling the start of WWIII. 
Overseas, we have been unabashedly replacing regimes in Egypt (backfired) and Libya (success) as well as busy arming al qaeda for over a year (which is what the thrust of Benghazi was about) in preparation of removing another Shia Muslim leader, Syria's Bashar al-Asad.  
Domestically the Barack Hussein Obama has been busy turning American into a Surveillance Society even as the Bill of Rights is being shredded,  signing Executive Orders giving immense power to the Executive Branch and to summarize, "fundamentally transforming" America.

A nuclear attack inside of America would certainly be a game changer for this nation.  Immediate martial law would be the second consequence, the first being the death of untold thousands followed by an economic collapse that would set us back 100 years.  The surveillance grid that we are surrounded with would shut down free speech completely in the name of safety and that enemies list that Maxine Waters said Obama was keeping, might be put to use- with a hammer- in the name of course of National Security. 
Americans, of the uninformed variety, would be clamoring for Obama to go on the attack and unleash hell on whomever they decided would take the blame for this, the obvious being Syria or Iran. 

Jason A

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