BREAKING: Alaskan Army Bases Under Cyber Attack?

I thought this was worth bringing to your attention.  Not sure at all what is up with these military bases, but in days like this, we should take note. -W.E.
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Bobby Powell

BREAKING: As of 2400 hours on 9/7/2013 all three of the Army bases in Alaska - Fort Richardson, Fort Greely, and Fort Wainwright - are offline after reports of a large explosion at Fort Wainwright prompted The Truth Is Viral Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Bob Powell to investigate.

Efforts to connect to the base website to get the phone number for Fort Wainwright public information officers failed as the "server could not be found." Subsequent attempts to contact other Army bases in Alaska also met with failure.

Because Fort Richardson shares a facility with the Air Force at Joint Base Elmendorf- Richardson and their site is still up, hostilities at the base just outside of Anchorage can be ruled out with a fair degree of certainty. What is just as certain however, is that the United States Army is under a cyber-attack as all three of their websites in Alaska are down.

Attacking the electronic infrastructure of the United States military would be the first step taken before an actual invasion. TTiV is not saying that "The Russians are coming." Yet. However, attacking Army websites in Alaska would be a logical first step before hostilities begin in order to degrade the response of the United States to any attack, and any attack from Russia would include an invasion of Alaska.

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