Okay, they got me this time.  I chose not to post this the first time I saw it, because I admit, the original headline (THE DOLLAR COLLAPSE, AND WWIII HAS BEGUN, MUST SEE!), the narrator with the deep British accent, and the background music are all for dramatic affect, and this can be a turn off for SOME, including me. I get that. 
But the information, by and large is hard to just brush off. Some may in fact need the drama in order to me sufficiently motivated for the economic collapse that will come.  There is big trouble not brewing, but upon us now.   I have said many times that the New World Order isn't something that is coming, it is already here, not at its zenith by any stretch, but here, perhaps still in it's infancy, or toddler stage, but nevertheless it is here now. 
To see it, We must be willing to remove the spectacles given to us by the mass media to wear, and look with new eyes. 


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