Video:Big Brother Barack Obama Is Watching You


Edward Snowden,the NSA contractor turned whistleblower, revealed two NSA programs—PRISM and XKeyscore—that combine,compile,and store virtually everything that travels over wire, fiber optic cables, or satellite:Phone calls. Email. Facebook posts.  Skype. Travel records.  Credit card transactions. Bank records. Stock market trades. Internet history. Google searches. All in real time.
Your smart phone’s GPS beams your exact location so Big Brother Barack Obama will know whether you’re attending one of those so-called “domestic terrorist” Tea Party protests.
Snowden revealed that he,as an NSA contractor,could listen or watch in real time as you spoke on the phone,sent an email,or browsed on the Internet.
Kind of sounds like God. Isn’t that what the Tower of Babel was all about? Man trying to be God?
The NSA said that all of this spying on Americans talk was ludicrous.
Obama appeared on national television to calm Americans’ fears,saying that the government was only collecting telephone “metadata”—and this so he could protect us from terrorists.
But this betrays the facts.
It is an open secret denied only by Obama and his lying minions that the various satellite NSA facilities throughout the United States that log most of the electronic communications of Americans will be merged together at the giant Utah Data Center—to log,scan,and store every single electronic communication in the United States.
And here’s where the “When September ends” comes in.
The Utah Data Center officially comes online in September. The one million square foot facility—seven times the size of the Pentagon—is so massive that it can store every single electronic communication for the next 100 years—and still have room to spare. With a few keystrokes,one of Obama’s minions will pour through your electronic life. Did you go to a Tea Party rally? Your smart phone’s GPS will beam your exact location to the Utah Data Center. Did you buy lunch at a restaurant that declined one of Barack Obama’s photo ops in his endless fundraising tour? Your credit card transaction will be recorded.  All in real time. All accessible by Barack Obama sitting atop his Tower of Babel. Obama’s use of the IRS to punish his political enemies will look like child’s play when the Utah Data Center starts sifting through conservatives’ data.
When September ends,after the Utah Data Center comes online and starts ingesting huge amounts of data,there will be no escaping the watchful eye of Big Brother Barack Obama.
Unless,that is,the cancer,Barack Hussein Obama,is cut out,and our Republic wakes up from the long “fundamental transformation” nightmare.

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