Black Hawk Helicopters Terrorize Michigan Citizens; DHS Vans Spy On Outspoken Activists


This witness, who has come forward to tell his story, has been an extremely vocal Patriot, and has experienced direct intimidation in the form of black vans with tinted windows (but without license plates) parking down the street from his house hacking into his WiFi and spying either on him or on the whole block. More disturbingly, he says that he was paid a visit by a Black Hawk helicopter that flew so low the pilot could have trimmed the man’s tree with his main rotor.
The witness, who spoke on camera on the condition that his identity be obscured, said that a Black Hawk helicopter buzzed his home twice, once flying no more than 20-25 feet above the ground directly over his backyard. The pilot hovered, he said, looked him dead in the eye for a few seconds, then turned his aircraft and flew off.

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