According to US website 'Mother Jones' the CIA is helping fund a study by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) that will investigate whether humans could use geoengineering - which is defined as deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth's climatic system - to stop climate change.
The NAS website describes the study as an investigation into "a limited number of proposed geoengineering techniques, including examples of both solar radiation management (SRM) and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) techniques."
The purpose of this is to comment "generally on the potential impacts of deploying these technologies, including possible environmental, economic, and national security concerns", the website claims.
Solar radiation management (SRM) is a theoretical branch of geoengineering which moots the idea of reflecting sunlight in an attempt to block infrared radiation and halt rising temperatures.
The cost of the project is reported to be $630,000, which NAS is splitting with the CIA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and NASA reports say.
A reference on the NAS website to "the US intelligence community" funding the project refers to the CIA, an NAS spokesman claimed.
Much speculation has surrounded claims that the US government has long been involved in types of weather manipulation, including a much-discussed attempt to cloud-seed - the process of dispersing substances into the air to create cloud condensation or ice nuclei and subsequently rain or snow - during the Vietnam war.
It was also widely reported that the Chinese government seeded clouds ahead of the 2008 Olympics opening ceremony to create a downpour elsewhere and keep the stadium dry by firing iodide crystals into rain clouds over Beijing.
Weather manipulation was most recently in the news after claims by some American commentators that devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma, along with other extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy, were created by the US government using the Haarp antenna farm in Alaska.
- The Independent


I have a twitter feed I sometimes look at that has all the “kooky” conspiratorial sites. 
Over the weekend I thought I must have accidentally hit the link for it because, without planning to, I was looking at the tweet: “CIA Studying How To Control The Earth’s Climate.”
It wasn’t some conspiracy theory. It was simply Newser reproducing reports from Mother Jones and NBC.

“Get those tin foil hats out: The CIA is backing half of a $630,000 study into whether scientists can fight climate change via geoengineering. The 21-month project by the National Academy of Sciences will be a ‘technical evaluation of a limited number of proposed geoengineering techniques,’ says the NAS, exploring techniques such as solar radiation management—which is the idea of putting particles into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight away from Earth—and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere…”
Supposedly, the CIA must do all this because it is a national security concern as to whether some dastardly country that is not the US is out there as a “lone actor” putting aluminum chaff into the atmosphere “unilaterally.”
I’ve heard arguments that our own government is already adding material to the atmosphere secretly, but I haven’t found real proof yet. However, the fact that the CIA considers it rational that other countries might do this seems completely implausible. The US is the nation full of bureaucratically-embedded arrogant utopians who might try something like this. The CIA is projecting its own nation’s insanity on foreigners. And if this is what the CIA is doing publicly, what else might they be doing secretly?
Is this yet another reason why Obama has been lying about climate change? To provide a rationale for the CIA’s project?

“The lie? Spoken with his trademark don’t-you-dare-question-me confidence during a November 2012, press conference, Obama said: “What we do know is the temperature around the globe is increasing—faster than was predicted even ten years ago.” Then at a Chicago fundraiser on May 29: “We also know that the climate is warming faster than anybody anticipated five or 10 years ago.” He’s likely said the same thing several times in the intervening months.”
But no, the earth has been much cooler in the last decade than anyone expected. Marita Noon points out the most recent proof of this:

The hearing: “Climate Change: It’s Happening Now” was held on Thursday, July 18, by the Environment and Public Works Committee—chaired by Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA). Because Democrats control the Senate, they get more witnesses at a hearing than Republicans. Thursday’s hearing had two panels. Each had three experts (invited by the Democrats) who supported the “alarmist’ position on global warming held by most Democrats and two (invited by the Republicans) who could be called “skeptics.” During the Q & A time with the first panel—which included the Democrat’s star: Heidi Cullen of Weather Channel fame, Ranking Member Senator David Vitter (R-LA) asked: ‘Can any witnesses say they agree with Obama’s statement that warming has accelerated during the past 10 years?’ After an awkward (to say the least) silence, Cullen tried to change the subject by saying that we need to be looking at longer time periods then ten years and then, ultimately, acknowledged that the warming has slowed, not accelerated. A few minutes later, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) made sure no one missed the point. He repeated Obama’s claim and then asked: ‘Do any of you support that quote?’ Again, silence.”
I don’t know why Obama wants to believe that global warming is accelerating. But to see people talk about polluting the atmosphere or removing a natural part of the atmosphere that supports plant life and enables us to get oxygen (i.e. CO2) in the name of protecting the environment is apocalyptically insane.

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