The Undeniable Logic in Suspecting Terrorist Attacks to be False Flag Events

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The man who later became World Bank President, presented a document describing Operation Northwoods to the Kennedy administration in 1962, suggesting that the CIA carry out terror attacks on its own people to justify war with Cuba.   
The Boston bombing event, the Sandy Hook shooting, and many other events that were used by government as political leverage, are considered by many to be false flag events. These events were molested by governments and their associates, as they used the tool of media to manufacture consent for unconstitutional laws.
The details and intense inconsistencies of Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing are too much for this article, but I strongly encourage you to do research yourself, with mainstream media far away from your research. However, here I will give you some info that defines the probability of whether or not government would be a probable suspect in a terrorist event- Operation Northwoods.
The centerpiece of the argument that the US government manufactures terrorist attacks, is Operation Northwoods. It is a document signed by Lyman Lemnitzer , who later became Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, and was presented to the Kennedy Administration by Robert McNamara , who later became president of the World Bank. The document contained detailed plans to stage terrorist attacks on a US base, in order to manufacture consent for war with Cuba, and some of the suggested ideas sound a lot like what could have happened at Sandy Hook.
It suggests that the CIA conduct “a series of well coordinated incidents to take place in and around Guantanamo , Cuba, to give genuine appearance of being done by hostile Cuban forces.” In other words, they planned to cause disasters and incidents around a US base, to go to “desirable war” with Cuba. 
The document suggests the following-
-blow up ammunition inside the base, start fires
-sink ship near harbor entrance, conduct mock funerals
-burn aircraft on base (sabotage)
-blow up a ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba.
This is only a portion of the document, but the sinister implications are clear – those who succeed and excel in government do not care about you, and a desirable war for them may be at the expense of anyone they wish.
They would prefer to continue decades of systematic destruction of human beings by machinery then stop it if it benefits them, which of course, it does. The government has planned to, and more then likely will, manufacture terror, go as far as to hold a mock funeral and use actors, do whatever it takes to pass unconstitutional laws by manufacturing consent. Or is it, that you honestly think the Obama Administration simply dropped everything on their political agendas to push for gun control in the ‘wake of the sandy hook shooting’? Too many people have been programmed with cognitive dissonance.
The men who presented the document detailing Operation Northwoods became World Bank President, and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, John F. Kennedy vetoed Northwoods, was murdered, and this was all thrown into a dusty corner far away from mainstream history- until the independent media rose up and started pulling revealing documents from the dustbin of history.

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