Police Chief Asks Citizens for Ammo, Gets 1,500 Round Loan Amid Strong Response

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As the "Great Ammunition Shortage" continues, police departments across the country are struggling to supply their arsenals.  
One police chief turned to the community for help, and citizens stepped up.
In Proctor, Minnesota, police chief Walter Wobig says that his suppliers have told him he'll have to wait "months" for the 1,000 rounds he's requested. 
When Wobig turned to the residents of Proctor by putting out a call for help meeting his department's ammo needs, citizens contacted his office, eager to help.
"The citizens were like, 'If you need something, we got plenty here,'" said Wobig.
One resident and a Proctor police officer loaned 1,500 rounds from their personal stockpile to the department.
The Chief says others offered to help too. "I had several other calls from other citizens that said, 'Hey, if you need more ammunition we have plenty,'" said Wobig.
The Chief says that when his ammunition order is filled, he will be repaying the citizens for their contributions.

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