Mock DHS News Report Depicts Gun Owners as Terrorists!

This DHS video is training a lot more than just how to fight terrorism, it is conditioning the trainee and sending the message to trainees of who exactly the terrorists they are fighting are- and that would be gun owners.  
This is almost inconceivable and would not have stood very long without an outcry from all over this nation not too many years ago to be honest.
This is an affront, another slap in the face to our freedom and those who died protecting that liberty and that freedom.  But it is even more than this.  It is part of an active propaganda campaign, active warfare if you will, being waged by your government against Americans.  
I truly fear for this country.


A mock news report produced by the Department of Homeland Security depicts American gun owners as terrorists in another example of how the federal agency is trying to demonize the Second Amendment while itself stockpiling ammunition. 
The report depicts the arrest of “an extremist group reportedly planning a series of terrorist attacks on U.S. cities.” Dramatic footage shows police conducting a mock raid of a house and yelling at reporters to get back while the news reporter relates how the men were arrested on charges of “illegal possession of firearms.” Similar to previous DHS characterizations of likely terrorists, the men are played by two Caucasians in their 40′s. The video was grabbed from the website and appears in a file along with other documents from a HSEEP training program run in coordination with FEMA in the interests of “national preparedness.” As we have previously documented, the federal agency’s insistence on portraying the vast majority of terrorists in its training videos as white middle class Americans has prompted charges that the DHS is attempting to demonize conservatives and big government adversaries. However, the portrayal of gun owners as terrorists is sure to stoke even more rancor amongst those who are concerned that the DHS is being prepared to aid in overseeing the Obama administration’s gun control agenda while itself buying ammunition in huge quantities. As we reported last month, the federal agency is testing a number of different drones at a scientific research facility in Oklahoma that have sensors capable of detecting whether a person is armed, stoking concerns that the federal agency is planning on using UAVs to harass gun owners. The DHS is also collaborating with New York State government officials to confiscate guns belonging to people who are deemed, often erroneously, to have a mental condition. The DHS’ commitment to buy around 2 billion rounds of ammunition has become a huge controversy in recent months, with the Government Accountability Office announcing this week that an investigation of the purchases is “just getting underway.”

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