Filmmaker: US Borders Are Wide Open

This is of course, an ongoing problem of great severity, part of the Progressive "end-game" for America. America is in grave jeopardy.
Our borders are left open by design my friends and the intent, at its core, is completely sinister.  No nation, especially one at war with Radical Islam would purposely leave their borders wide open year after year. Let me ask you, do you go to bed, night after night without locking all the doors to your home?  And we can't blame it only on politicians on the left if we are honest with ourselves.
We have been and are being set up.   
This is why, in order to complete their coup they want to disarm Americans, to collapse our economy, to cause strife and divisions among the people, to tear down our morality, to use media as portals of propaganda and disinformation, to create an Orwellian surveillance society to spy on her citizens, to reduce our military's capability and morale, to redistribute our wealth ...and the list goes on. 


Dennis Michael Lynch talks about border security concerns, immigration reform, and the Obama administration’s release of illegal immigrants into the general public.

More shock and awe from the filmmaker:


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