Benghazi Drone Operator Calls Hannity w/ New Info: We Weren't able to be Armed, No One Contacted Me

(Story from on 5/7/13) -
A man identifying himself as one of the drone operators on point during the September 11 Benghazi attack called Sean Hannity's radio show yesterday, alleging more information about the scene on the ground and the Obama administration's handling of the attack.  
According to the man, named only as "John in Iowa," neither the administration nor Congress has even attempted to speak to him about what he saw during the attack. He told Hannity: "The video footage — when we initially got on station and we were told to go down to the consulate — it was already under attack. It was already on fire [when we got there]. We were asked then to go to the annex to just try to watch and make sure that the individuals in the annex were not going to be coming under attack there either..."

He continued: "If anything were to happen, this video is being disseminated to multiple locations and agencies around the globe. So surely once individuals saw that there was a grave problem on a U.S. Embassy/Consulate, phone calls I would've think should've been made and started going up the chain, and eventually it would've hit the State Department. If it did not, individuals were remiss in their duties."

John reiterated that they were working for an agency that already knew there was a problem in Benghazi; that's why they were sent there. 

He continued: "There were dozens if not hundreds of people surrounding the consulate. There were cars continually driving by and stopping, and it was at that time — we were only over the consulate for maybe about five minutes when we were told to then go watch the CIA annex.
Our guys that were inside of there were on the rooftops, and they were looking in the direction of the consulate, and we were told, just watch the entries and the exits of the consulate and make sure no one's trying to break in and get them there. But we wouldn't have been able to do much anyway because of the [agreement] with the host countries where we're located. We were not able to be armed that night." [Emphasis added]
"I'm just a little surprised that you're telling me all this and that nobody in Congress has contacted you," Hannity said. "I would think that you'd be one of the main people they'd want to talk to."

"Ya I would think so too," the operator replied. "There would be only about six of us from the base out of which we operate at that would've been involved on that specific mission that night, and so it should be really easy to track us down. Then again, if they just did not care...especially with Sec. of State Clinton's comment of 'what difference does it make,' and trying to potentially cover things up, then they probably didn't even worry about who was on the flight log for that night."

John said he knew "immediately" that the American people were being lied to, particularly "with regard to Susan Rice" that the attack was actually an outgrowth of a YouTube-related "spontaneous" protest.

"But we are bound by certain documents such as non-disclosure agreements on what we can and can't say, and my thought was that I am a small pawn in this chess game, and the truth will come out, and then it just unfolds and unfolds...and it never stops."

He added: "Part of me says maybe I should've spoken up sooner, but you want to have faith and trust in your government, and that they would come out with the truth and get to the bottom of it. But apparently that's not what they wanted to do...The election was coming up and Hillary Clinton might want to run in 2016, God help us."

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