Tornadoes Created Va Microwaves — Experiments PROVE THEORY CORRECT

After showing the proof that tornadoes can be "induced" by man as well as fracking in Oklahoma and HAARP rings, FaceBook decided to take down Dutch's post as "dangerous". Maybe it's just me, but what is dangerous is the technology of HAARP that are government controls.  See the proof for yourself, perhaps inadvertently shown by the weather channel.  - W.E.


Upon uploading PROOF regarding a controversial scientific theory -- literally the moment it hit facebook --- my site became (quote facebook) .... "UNSAFE".

Heres the first post of many to be blocked:

Microwaves can induce a tornado -- tests done in the lab / proof: BLOCKED

HAARP rings direct hit: BLOCKED

Fracking in Oklahoma : BLOCKED

Can you believe it? A site dedicated to earth changes, weather, geoengineering, earthquakes, and space anomalies ---- being called UNSAFE? Labelled a spam? REQUIRING PASSWORDS TO SHARE?????

The above video , shows via experiments in the laboratory, that indeed microwaves CAN induce tornadic development.
tornado microwave
Picture shows the microwave laboratory experiment producing heating causing convection
This brings a definitive close to a 2 year long odyssey of discovery, and investigation, but raises SEVERAL new questions which need answers.
The process of discovery was a long arduous road, lined with skeptics AND deniers.  A path leading down many rabbit holes, and across many intriguing disciplines.
Spending long hours of study on Radio Frequency theory, Plasma Physics, Micro-physics, Meteorology, weather modification (geoengineering), Electromagnetism, Geometry, Seismology, and even some planetary physics / astronomy…. All the studying, and hypothesizing, has turned out to be well worth the effort.
Vindication comes from a Scientist in Switzerland, Dr. Slobodan Tepic, who performed the appropriate experiments to prove microwaves are capable of producing convection using a ground based station pulsing into the atmosphere.
dr slobodan tepic
(pictured left) Dr. Slobodan Tepic — Scientist / Inventor
Below are several posts with explanations on the theory of NEXRAD RADAR pulses heating the atmosphere, causing severe weather:

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