Obama's Newest Partner In Crime (VIDEO)

When I was younger I loved spy novels. Robert Ludlum was one of my fav's.  I think I read just about all of his books, but other authors as well.  I read one novel, time stealing the name of the author from me, where the President of the United States is kidnapped by the Soviet Union and a look-a-like POTUS is moved into the White House, deceiving the country. I thought that fictitious story was hard to believe.  
I don't think I have ever read any novel or work of fiction more astounding or mind-blowing however than what this nation is living through now with this Imposter-and-Chief, criminal media and weak-kneed and equally infiltrated Congress.  Who can make this stuff up? It is so surreal, few believe it.  A President that doesn't have a legitimate birth certificate? A Congress and Media so infiltrated by radical Socialists and Globalists that they bow at this man's feet and call it an honor? A POTUS that calls himself a Christian as he mocks Christianity, wears a ring inscribed with "No God but Allah" on his wedding finger, surrounded himself with radicals in his youth by his own admission, and is beloved in this nation by millions?  I don't think Spielberg could make this believable.  But it is all true and so much more.  

Jackie A. "Scoop"

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