Colorado Sheriff Savages Obama ‘Fear & Grandstanding’ To Push Gun Control

I don't remember ever in my lifetime when things were so abhorrent from the Executive Branch that Sheriff's had to unite to fight back tyranny within our own government. 
We need EVERY Sheriff in this country to take this type of stand and to unite together.    

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Responding to Barack Obama’s visit to Colorado yesterday, during which he pushed for new gun control laws, Elbert County Sheriff Shayne Heap slammed the President for politically exploiting recent tragedies by using “fear” and “grandstanding”.

More than a dozen Colorado sheriffs held a press conference yesterday in opposition to newly passed laws in the state that prohibit the sale of magazines which hold more than 15 bullets, in addition to mandating background checks for all private gun sales.
In a YouTube video, Heap said the new laws bordered on “legislative abuse” and only served to punish law-abiding citizens, adding that Obama flew in from DC, a city which has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the country.
“His domestic policy has been to legislatively carpet bomb law-abiding citizens with excessive restrictions,” said Heap, adding that Obama had engaged in a “broad legislative attack on constitutional rights,” concentrating on border security between Pakistan and Afghanistan while ignoring the flow of illegal guns coming across the US border.
“Why aren’t our children and our border defended, why won’t he treat us at least as well as he treats foreign countries,” asked Heap, accusing Obama of leveraging tragedy to enact extreme legislation.
Heap compared Obama’s grandstanding to that shown by George W. Bush when he donned a flight suit and declared “mission accomplished” in Iraq, while urging him to address the deeper problem of violence in society.
Heap also savaged his own state’s legislature, noting that while they were increasing restrictions on innocent citizens, they were working to abolish the death penalty and therefore save the life of Aurora killer James Holmes.
“Anyone who dares challenge the present extreme political environment is maligned and demonized – even so we must speak out,” said Heap, calling for laws that address criminals and not law-abiding gun owners.
“As long as we have a culture of violence in our country, people will find ways to commit atrocities, we should not rest until we’ve addressed this culture of violence rather than just the instruments that they choose to use,” added the Sheriff, rejecting “grandstanding” and “unenforceable laws that promote social agendas.”
Heap concluded by urging Obama to “quit using fear and legislative grandstanding to enact more regulations that only serve to punish honest citizens.”
A plethora of different sheriffs and other law enforcement officials from across the country have gone public in defense of the Second Amendment since the Obama administration launched its gun control agenda in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre.
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