Boston Bombers Uncle On Feds Payroll, Tied To CIA

... Boston Marathon bombings, in Watertown, Massachusetts April 19, 2013
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Boston Bombers’ Uncle Tied To CIA

An investigative report from Daniel Hopsicker reveals murky dealings that indicate a connection between Boston Bomber’s  Uncle Ruslan Tsanir and the CIA.
The report reveals that the bomber’s Uncle, made famous for his outspoken condemnation of his nephew’s which aired repeatedly on international news networks, is a well-connected oil executive who at one point worked for a Halliburton shell company used as a front to obtain oil contracts from the Kasakh State which is not involved in an investigation for laundering $6 billion.
Tsanir’s company was well known as being on the CIA’s payroll for reporting intelligence out of the country and further raising eyebrows is the fact the Tsnanir was also receiving money directly from USAID, a U.S. taxpayer foreign aid fund notoriously known for funding global CIA black operations which operate under the flag of various humanitarian and pro-democracy operations.
Tsanir’s connections became international news during a Swiss investigation in 2011 when his name popped up as one of several executives in a ring of offshore oil companies involved in money laundering for “international corruption”.
As Daniel notes:
Was Boston Bombers ‘Uncle Ruslan’ with the CIA?
The uncle of the two men who set off bombs at the Boston Marathon, who struck the only grace note in an otherwise horrific week, worked as a “consultant” for the Agency for International Development (USAID) a U.S. Government Agency often used for cover by agents of the CIA, in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan during the “Wild West” days of the early 1990’s, when anything that wasn’t nailed down in that country was up for grabs.
Tsarni, a well-connected oil executive,  is currently involved in an international criminal investigation into a Kazakh billionaire banker-turned-fugitive alleged to have absconded with $6 billion from Kazakhstan’s BTA Bank.
But the biggest red flag, the one pertinent to murder in Boston, was Oligarch Kukibayev’s use of money laundered through a network of offshore companies  […] from which Kazakhstan claims Ablyazov embezzled a very cool $6 billion dollars.
Boston Bomber’s  Uncle Ruslan Tsanir
And this is where “Uncle Ruslan” Tsarni comes in.
The purchase of the Prince’s estate was put together, according to prosecutors in Italy and Switzerland, by a group of oil executives who comprise “a network of personal and business relationships” allegedly used for “international corruption,” reported  The London Telegraph.
Tsarni, called “a US lawyer who has had dealings in Kazakh business affairs,” by the Sunday Times, clearly appears to be a member of that network.
The Sunday Times reported, “A statement by Ruslan Zaindi Tsarni was given in the High Court in December, claiming that Kulibayev bought Sunninghill and properties in Mayfair with $96 million derived from a complex series of deals intended to disguise money laundering.”
“Tsarni alleged that the money came from the takeover of a western company, which had been used as a front to obtain oil contracts from the Kazakh state.”
Halliburton Exec Big Al SehsuvargogluA Big Big Sky’s the Limit
The “western company” used to launder the money which the Sunday Times referred to is Big Sky Energy Corporation, where Ruslan Tsarni was a top executive.
Big Sky, which used to be known as China Energy Ventures Corp, is a now-bankrupt US oil company run by S.A. (Al) Sehsuvaroglu, a long-time executive of Halliburton, which had oil leases in Kakakhstan’s Caspian Basin.
Tsarni was Big Sky’s Corporate Secretary and Vice President for Business Development. He joined Big Sky in 2005.
 “From 1994 to 1996, Mr. Tsarni served as a consultant contracted by USAID for projects aimed to develop securities markets in Central Asia, where he trained corporate governance and corporate finance principals in state and private companies.”
“Nelson, Big Sky, Ablyazov, Kulibayev and the rest were all on my watch list for intelligence connections and pay-offs of various kinds at Platts,”
The news corroborates other reports beginning to emerge about the family and its abundant connections.
Before the Tsarnaev family moved to the United States a decade ago, they lived in the northern Kyrgyz town of Tokmok, near the border with Kazakhstan, which is home of the country’s largest ethnic Chechen community.
[…] the extended Tsarnaev family is well-known there, even beyond their local community.
[…] “organized crime boss Aziz Batukaev, who is also an ethnic Chechen, lived next door to the Tsarnaevs.
Halliburton executives, suspected CIA assets, Chechnyan crime bosses, oligarchs stealing billions from banks and laundering money with seeming impunity,  fire-eaters, peacock-feathered stilt-walkers, and a girl swinging on a trapeze pouring vodka into ice sculptures shaped like naked male and female torsos…
If there hadn’t been two of them, the investigation would already be pointing to a single misfit, a lone nut bomber.
From a comment on Daniel’s article the plot thickens:
Major Kazakhstan Players (Including Bribes).
Dick Cheney, State Kazakhstan Oil Advisory Board, Halliburton was all over the Caspian, still is.
Amerada Hess (Baker & Botts [James A. Baker III law firm]) (Delta, Saudi), Board member Kean is Chairman of 9-11 Commission =conflict of interest.
BP Amoco (Baker & Botts), Amoco implicated in bribery scandal.
Phillips Petroleum, implicated in bribery scandal.
ChevronTexaco, Texaco implicated in bribery scandal;
Baker & Botts represents ChevronTexaco and Mayer Brown represents Kazakhstan.
James H. Giffen indicted for bribery—2003.
That nasty matter of bribes in Kazakhstan involving Mr. James H. Giffen did involve Mobil, as well as Texaco, Amoco and Phillips Petroleum.
 ExxonMobil, Mobil implicated in bribery scandal.
Schlumberger Oil Services, Jamie Gorelick on board, 9-11 Commission member, conflict of interest.
Schlumberger stayed pretty quiet about their Caspian Basin adventures until the 9-11 Commission was wrapping up and handing things over to Congress to slam shut more of our American freedoms instead of addressing 9-11 and who did it, and bring them to justice.
(Continued growth in Russia and the Caspian, and strong performance across Asia and the Middle East, were both very encouraging. North America pricing moved up satisfactorily in the quarter.)
Mayer Brown, Rowe & Maw, represents Kazakhstan.
Slightly conflicted out on 9-11 Commission.

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