Video:Mark Levin:What Obama Is Doing Is 100x Worse Than Watergate

Obama  is so much worse than Nixon it is off the charts.  First of all, Nixon was at least legally voted in as President.  Obama? Not so much.  Secondly, for the crimes that Nixon committed they are just a day at the office for Obama.  From Barry's eligibility issue to Benghazi-Gate to his radical Marxist associations to his friendship with the Muslim Brotherhood to NDAA. The list goes on and on. Obama is a TYRANT and we are witnessing a stealth coup de'tat allowed and fostered by our criminal and complicit media - W.E.


Mark Levin explains why Obama is 100 times worse in what he is doing than what happened in Watergate,and that he actually feels sorry for Richard Nixon and the way he was treated when he sees how Obama is being treated by the press.

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