VA Gun Show Dealers Out Of Ammo: 'Nope, There's None In Here'


"You have any .22?," I asked a dealer pricing boxes of ammunition at his table.  "Nope," he answered.  "There's none in here."
He was right.  Nothing.  Not at any table.
I grabbed a few boxes of overpriced 9mm for the Glock and knew that was all I was taking home.
I get the feeling the run on "scary-looking assault weapons," aka AR-15's, aka semi-automatic rifles, has subsided, at least, for now.  There were plenty of dealers selling, but I didn't see many buyers.
Why?   Well, for starters, there's no ammo!  Without ammo, it's useless.  The rifles have also increased significantly in price since the last time I visited the Expo Center in Fredericksburg, Va. back in December.
An hour before the doors opened, I stood in line with a vet and a young man in the Army.  We noticed the lines weren't nearly as long as those seen in Richmond just a month earlier.  But, that was at 8:00am.
When I left at 10:45, there wasn't an open parking spot, and the Wegman's lot and surrounding strip malls looked suspiciously full.  There was still a line to get inside the show, but it was moving.
"This administration is doing the exact opposite of what it wants to accomplish," the vet said to me.  "He's the best gun salesman in the world," I replied.
The younger man chimed in, mocking Sheriff Joe Biden's lack of knowledge on the subject, and his constant gaffes on, well, almost everything.
I thanked them for their service before we parted ways.  "Good luck, I hope you find what you came for," one of them said.
Unfortunately, I didn't.
When I got home an hour later I checked the usual online ammo dealers (as I do every time I sit down at my computer).  There was nothing.  No .22.  No 9mm.
This is how it's been for weeks.  And I fear this is how it will be until the "gun-control" debate and attack on the 2nd Amendment subsides -- if it ever does.
Until then, I'll continue to buy a box here and there - that is, if DHS doesn't buy it first.

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