NY Muslim Calls for Beheading Of Gays on NY1 TV show

How many Americans still think, even after 911 that radical Islam is a problem in other countries? How naive and deceived we are. - W.E.


But leaders of the Gay community condemn me for attempting to increase awareness of the Muslim oppresion of gays under the sharia. It reminds me of the refusal of the gay community to close the bath houses when the AIDS epidemic was spreading like wildfire.

'The Call' Caller: Beheading Of Gays Needed To Correct 'Deviant Lifestyle' By On Top Magazine Staff March 29, 2013
A caller into New York NY1's The Call argued for the beheading of gays.
The man, who identified himself as Chris from Willowbrook (Staten Island), said that Sharia law was needed in
the United States “because that's the only way thisSan francisco examiner copy2 deviant lifestyle will be corrected,” according to audio captured by GoodAsYou.org.
“I'm Muslim and I believe 110 percent in Sharia law.”
“You know what happens in Islamic countries? You know what happens to the gay people, correct? They're beheaded,” the caller said. “I'm going to fight as hard as I can with all my Muslim brothers and sisters to make Sharia law in the United States.”
“So people should be beheaded for being gay? Come on, this is America,” host Maria Milito complained.
“You're anti-Muslim?”
“I'm not anti-Muslim,” Milito asserted.
“You're anti-Muslim if you are saying that about my religion.”
“So you have no friends who are gay?” she asked.
“I don't chose to associate with those people. That lifestyle is deviant and it's against Islam,” Chris answered. (The audio is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)


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