We can no longer say there is "no plan for a one world government", or in the vernacular of our would be captors, a "new world order". We can no longer deny our ears, our eyes or our consciences and remain intellectually honest.  
The questions we must boldly and courageously ask ourselves and each other are why, with the abundance of evidence, coming directly from the mouths,  documents and policies of world leaders for literally decades, we still don't speak of it or better yet, speak out against it publicly?  
Are we to go silently, like lambs to the slaughter?  Have we been successfully conditioned into silence? Are we so politically correct as not to stand up and speak out to perhaps save our very lives and those of our children? 
The passengers on the Titanic at least had the excuse that they were not at the helm to see the icey daggers that would soon sink their ship and slay those on board who had no clue what was about to transpire and be a very sudden and cruel death.
Have we perhaps been so deceived by watching Hollywood movies into believing that everything has a happy ending? 
History does not record this as so. 

Globalist Part 1 here


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