Obama Admin is Preparing to Take Out Conservative Americans

Admittedly, this video by the Western Center of Journalism that calls itself  " a vigorous watchdog that keeps a check on government abuse and the media" is certainly dramatic.  The question is, are they correct? 
Certainly WCJ is not the only watchdog group that are very suspicious of what Barack Hussein Obama has planned.  The fact is, the story has been on DRUDGE, INFO WARS, WND and countless other well known and well-read news agencies and websites.  
Why are different Federal Agencies including Homeland Security, the Treasury Department, U.S. Forest Service, the FBI and other Departments within the Federal Government stockpiling ammunition's into the BILLIONS of rounds? Perhaps it is as "simple" as they are trying to take ammo off the market so that American citizens cannot buy ammo for themselves.  That theory makes us feel better now, doesn't it?   
The Social Security Administration answered the question as to why they bought 174,000 .357 rounds of hollow point ammo they essentially said that "they need it".  
I am sure armed agents is exactly what the 1935 Social Security Act was supposed to be about. Sure.  Nevertheless, this number of ammo is a drop in the bucket to what they have purchased, with no explanation as to why.
Perhaps the most chilling part of this is the timing of Federal agencies "arming up" is occurring while the Obama Administration and some in Congress are busy trying to infringe on what is not supposed to be infringed, the 2nd Amendment.
Until the Federal Government explains itself, American's must ask questions and in my opinion, hope for the best, while planning for the worst and demanding answers from their representatives.  
Now that I think of it, this video is not dramatic enough. - W.E.


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