Final Instructions For The 24 Hour Countdown To National Protests Against Obama




Whether you plan to participate in the NPAO National Protests Against Obama planned in all 50 state capitals tomorrow, Sat. Feb. 16 from 11-1pm in your time zone, please follow these important steps.
Repeat: Regardless of if you are coming or not, follow these steps please! Only 24 hours remain.
Step 1: Facebook invites
Make sure that you have RSVP’d “Going” (whether you plan to attend or not) on our Facebook page which will make the “Invite Friends” feature appear at the top of the event page. Use “Invite Friends” to invite all of your Facebook friends to boost our turnout. If you have a large friends list, the Google Chrome browser and plug in called “invite all facebook friends” are both free and make inviting large groups easy.

All the details you need are in the Facebook invite, click See More at..…94260/?fref=ts
Step 2:
E-mail invites
Make sure you are signed up for email alerts on our petition site and use the Invite friends feature to send emails to all of your email contacts with notes encouraging them to march with us tomorrow at…
Call for the Resignation or Impeachment of President Barack Obama below!
Step 3:
Share rides or gas costs or offer to help others by…
going to our Facebook page and finding the post for your state down the list at the bottom. You can share ideas, rides, and gas money posting under your state. Many people are calling out asking for rides or people to share travel costs. Proceed at your own risk, but consider carpooling by posting under your state!…94260/?fref=ts
Step 4:
Remember to take video and still shot cameras with you, dress warmly, wear comfortable shoes, take no weapons, take no metal flag pole or sign poles, and take some snacks and water bottles. If you are willing to document your protest large or small and share your camera pictures and videos with us, please join the new NPAO (National Protest Against Obama) page we have created that will allow picture uploads and upload as soon as you can after the events….
We also have talking points in the About section of this new page for you to speak to the media about.
Step 5:
Stand your ground and obey all laws. Obey any lawful orders by police or security officers. Do not obey any unlawful orders which would include ordering you off of public sidewalks or property to some place where you cannot be seen or heard. Conduct these protests in picket style where you march in motion, back and forth, or in a circuit where you can be seen by vehicular traffic and the capitol building windows. The Supreme Court has ruled that permits and fees or notice are not required for our freedoms of speech and assembly. Review this video and stand your ground politely and firmly. Stand up for your rights tomorrow and don’t let officers working for liberal Obama supporters run you off or put you in a bad location.

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