Experts Say Chinese, Russians Are Main Hackers of Newspapers

Why would Russia or China care about hacking into other newspapers? 
Perhaps the answer is to identify the sources, i.e, the names and addresses from which the stories come?  The question has to be asked then, what do they do with information that they uncover? 
Here is one thing that we know for certain, it is still illegal in this country for the government to spy on its citizens, (although it is done everyday) so the NSA spies on other countries, using technology such as Echelon, and then gives that information to for instance, Canada.  Likewise Canada (or China, or Russia) spies on the U.S., and in turn, gives the U.S. information they have discovered. Technically, no illegal search and seizure has been performed and the government can claim their hands are clean. 
 So, whose to say that is not what is happening at Newspapers and the other "new media" outlets where sources are discovered and later turned over to the U.S.? The real question to me is, what is China doing with the information they are uncovering? -W.E.


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