Black Helicopter Strike Force In Galveston

Lately the military sure is doing a lot of training over large American cities, sometimes with our local police...Miami, Houston, now Galveston.  But don't worry, the media promises these are simply training drills so I am sure, based on the credibility of the media, that everything is going to plan.  I mean, everything is as it is supposed to be.  I mean, they don't want you to worry about it.  Yeah. That's it.  It certainly doesn't correlate with the elite's desire to take our guns, take our liberties, Obama's second term, the looming economic collapse, the growing and ever present Police State or bible prophecy.  NOPE. If you think any of those things, you probably should be on the DHS watch list. Just sayin'.   Probably has nothing to do with the government "nudging us" or creating fear or intimidation within the citizenry either.  
So everything is okay.  
Hey, Superbowl is Sunday...let's think about those things.  Feel better? 
- W.E.
You might want to start the video at about the 2 min. mark. 

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