What Happens If We Can PRINT A Real Gun? What Happens When Machines Become Smarter Than You?

Google, your friendly internet search engine is within 5 years of having a computer that is inside of you. Reading your thoughts. Knowing you as well as you know yourself and talking to your mind. Making "suggestions" for your daily activities. Oh how the masses will clamor for it!
This is just a start but I am glad to hear this and more being discussed in media. 
The dude, Cody Wilson (see video) and his technology allowing us to currently PRINT A GUN (not a type-o) is clearly to smart for his own good, lacking a moral compass.  My point being, that advanced technology beyond our ability to comprehend is here and growing exponentially with at least some in the hands of evil men.  We may in fact be at the cusp of "Singularity", where technology becomes smarter than the human brain, and that is a point of no return. - W.E.  
For more on this subject I highly recommend this excellent if not surreal and frightening discussion: 
"Transhumanism & Genetic Manipulation" 

Glenn Beck has recently talked about the idea of “the Singularity’ with futurist Ray Kurzweil. Beck has also shown off his new 3D printer and spoken briefly about the implications of such technology. And TheBlaze has written at length about the Wiki-Weapons project by the non-profit Defense Distributed, which seeks to create a functional 3D printable gun design for anyone on the Internet to download.

Pull all these topics together with the idea that technology will soon outpace government regulation, will raise ethical questions unlike those humanity has ever faced, and just what everyone is to do about it, and you have Thursday’s night’s show on TheBlaze TV.
Beck and Kurzweil, who leads artificial intelligence engineering at Google, discussed the notion of the Singularity only a few weeks ago. It’s the concept that technology and humanity will reach a point where they’re indistinguishable from each other.
Picture 35 years from now. Beck said on the show, it’s a place where people’s brains will connect directly to the Internet and download information, not only increasing their knowledge but improving physical factors like their hearing or eyesight. It’s a place where technology will be so synced with the mind that humans could replace or repair their limbs simply by picturing them.
If you think this sounds crazy, as Beck mentioned you might, consider how far technology has come by just comparing a 1993 Macintosh computer with today’s smartphone that fits in the palm of your hand. Consider where artificial intelligence has come in the last few decades, where machines are beginning to learn, not just being programmed for a specific function by humans.

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