Obama Seems Poised to Declare Military Dictatorship In America Over Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

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To be honest, I am somewhat ambivalent about this analysis of a military dictatorship, but I think the article is more than worth the read and brings up several good points. 
First, we can't put anything passed this President.  His fake tears over the weekend (did you actually see a tear? Try as I did, I saw not a single drop) were only a charade to show all of America how much he really cares and loves the children  (the ones already born not the ones whose heart is beating in their mothers wombs) so therefore, oh wait for it because it is coming, it is time to really put the kibosh on our 2nd amendment.  

Second, we know that we don't know who this man really is.  I mean, we know he is a fraud. There is a list of high crimes and misdemeanors against Obama that is substantial enough to lend to us the understanding that anyone capable of this type of deception does not have the best interest of the United States nor her citizens at heart. Moreover we know by his actions since he has become POTUS as this blog and our sister sites have demonstrated over and over again. 
Right now the state controlled establishment media have done a really wonderful job of NOT getting to the bottom of what really happened at the Sandy-hook Elementary school shooting, much as they did with the Aurora shooting.  Just like with Aurora, we have another "lone" masked bandit who seemingly is responsible for both of these mass murders. Early reports of second and even third shooters become drowned out by the "lone gunmen" theory and the media immediately goes to the gun control issue while the nation is emotionally distraught.  Those of us who are awake to the sinister forces at work inside of America already know that something about this shooting stinks and it smells like a false flag. - W.E.


In yet another masterful bit of presidential theater, Obama took to the airwaves Sunday night to declare his "love" for children and then to ask, "Are we really prepared to say that we're powerless in the face of such carnage, that the politics are too hard?"

This is code speak for gun prohibition schemes now being pushed ultra-aggressively by anti-gun zealots like Obama, Feinstein and Bloomberg.

What Obama failed to say in his speech is that his own government made the Sandy Hook Elementary School principal "powerless" to stop the killing by outlawing concealed carry weapons in so-called "gun-free zones."

A gun-free zone is a place where somebody puts up a sign that reads, "Gun-Free Zone." These signs are not magic. They have no power whatsoever and are the intellectual equivalent to hocus pocus, delusional thinking and lucky charms.

Printed signs do not stop psychopathic killers. What stops them is return fire. If the school principal had been allowed to legally and lawfully carry a concealed firearm at the school, the entire death toll could have been avoided or minimized.

Obama seems ready to bypass Congress and invoke Executive Orders

But no, Obama doesn't want to empower principals and school administrators with a means to defend the children. Instead, he wants to strip firearms from EVERYONE in the nation, even if they are upstanding, law-abiding citizens who help build and protect strong communities. Of course, such gun-grabbing agendas don't strip guns away from the government: it's a selective gun grab that disarms only law-abiding citizens, leaving the government with a monopoly of firepower that history has shown is inevitably turned against the citizens.

To stop another school shooting, it seems, Obama would deliver our nation into a military dictatorship under which no one would be safe from the government itself. Why military? Because that's the only way for the government to enforce a nationwide gun confiscation program. They would have to unleash troops on the streets across America, and pit many soldiers against their own families in fierce gun battles.

It's all so predictable: Governments consistently seize on tragedy and emotional outpouring to consolidate power for themselves. Obama has now promised to bypass Congress and to, as he explains, "use whatever power this office holds to engage our citizens ... to save another child or another parent or another town..."

In other words, he will do anything to stop the death of one more child, even if it means disarming the entire nation and thereby subjecting the citizens to runaway violent crime and government tyranny.

This is the non-logic of tyrants. "We have to change," Obama says, implying that he means "at any cost." Including the cost of liberty.

Has Obama put us on the path to civil war?

If Obama backs up his words with action, it appears he is about to effectively declare America a military dictatorship where private gun ownership is prohibited by the government. Imagine a nationwide gun turn-in mandate, armed federal raids on the homes of farmers and ranchers, Obama declaring anyone who owns a gun to be a "terrorist..." you get the picture. This is where Obama's rhetoric leads us.

Anti-gun nuts are loudly calling for mass violence against gun owners and the NRA. On Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere, left-leaning control freaks are demanding that all gun owners should shoot their own children and that the president of the NRA should be executed. This is the rhetoric of those who claim to "love the children."

Such outrageous talk of violence, my friends, may combine with Obama's promise to bypass Congress and push America into civil war. Because I can assure you with absolute certainty that there are tens of millions of armed Americans -- many are cops, firearms instructors or returning veterans -- who will under no circumstances voluntarily turn in their guns to the government. Especially not to Obama's government.

Yet emotional, irrational and historically ignorant anti-gun zealots are now demanding, screaming, even threatening that everybody in America must now turn their guns in because of the actions of ONE deranged individual.

This is insanity. And it will not fly. If Obama attempts to invoke such an action, he will set America ablaze and cause a thousand times the number of fatalities we saw at Sandy Hook Elementary. There are many states such as Texas, Arizona, Florida, Maine and many others that simply will not go along with any federal gun-grabbing agenda. And across America, there are 100+ million individuals who own guns and who are prepared to use them to defend their lives and properties. A good portion of those will have no hesitation using guns to defend their liberties against what they see as oppression and tyranny.

That's my analysis of where this could be headed. Let us hope Obama doesn't take one act of violence against children and multiply it into a nationwide act of violence against innocent Americans.

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